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carbon fiber idler Roller

jen HoS, chep ngI' pov corrosion resistance je tuj DIlmeH 'eS-Drag carbon fiber Idler Roller industrial carbon fiber idler roller. nep ghaH wej Qay carbon fiber

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weihai xinbo Composite Products co., Ltd yor wa' jungwoq carbon fiber idler roller manufacturers patlh laSvargh targhHom veDDaq noch maH vay', fiber carbon qutlh idler roller je reliable laHlIj lIng. vo' maHvaD qay'be' wholesale products.

tuj DIlmeH 'eS-Drag carbon fiber Idler Roller industrial

jen HoS, chep ngI' pov corrosion resistance je carbon fiber idler roller. nep je Huch law' Hoch HochHom baS wej Qay tuj carbon fiber.

xinbo COMPOSITE products widely pa' aviation, automobile, toy, kite, ghItlhwI', handicraft, tent, windmill, SIS yoD, law' bIquv sports luch lo' je ngaj.

details carbon fiber Idler Roller:

1. Hap 'u': 100 vatlhvI' carbon fiber pagh Hoch requested

2. rIn: ghor Natural, 3 k 'a MIchunMe' weave 'ej 3 k nIt weave

3. color: qIj.

4. 'ab: according to tlham tlhoy' thickness: according to tlham

5. carbon 'a ghIH: 100 vatlhvI' cf 60 vatlhvI' cf, pagh according to tlham.

laH chut lulajpu'bogh 'ej tubes according per customer application 'ej requirement manufacture maH.

•high HoS carbon fiber idler Roller:

tetlh qat carbon fiber universally HoS 'ej laH Hoch raD chergh quvmoH 'e' qawqu' tubes. unlike pultruded tubes laH withstand chaH compression, tension 'ej deflection HurDaq splitting raD, twist (torque). ghu'vam mo' QID fibres around tube law' law' qet 'ab mIw diameter. wa'DIch QID tube mandrel je unidirectional carbon fibre around diameter, ghIq qat 'oH je fibres 'ab qet (longitudinally), tagha' rIn 'oH je qat 3 k nIt weave ngejtaH DeQ nobnIS 'oH neH autoclave, sanded 'ej recoated je epoxy tetlh.

Hoch carbon fiber idler Roller id, od, 'ab, laH Manufactured Modulus Elasticity 'ej tensile HoS according to Customers Requirement.